Research Interests

DC Microgrid Control

DC Microgrid must be controlled to achieve proportional load sharing among source converters with desired voltage regulation at DC bus end. I work of different primary and secondary control of microgrids.

AC Microgrid Control

AC microgrids must have proportional active and reactive power sharing among the interfaced nodes. I work on virtual impedance control methods to achieve desired ripple sharing among the nodes.

Electric Vehicle Applications

I work on robust control methodologies to achieve direct torque control for electric vehicle applications.

DC-AC Conversions

DC-AC conversions are inevitable. I work on virtual impedance methodologies to manage the output impedance of the DC side converter in order to manage the ripple current.

Power electronic Topologies

I work on different topologies like single stage inverters- ZSIs, eqSBIs, qZSIs, PFC converters to improve efficiency and power quality.

STability issues in microgrids

Stability issues arise when CPLs are connected to the microgrids. I work on various non-linear evaluation schemes to access the stability of the microgrid during different operating conditions.

machine learning applications to power electronics

I work of circuits topology automation using the machine learning based schemes. The topologies are formulated based on the desired specifications from the user.